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Valentine’s Day Wives Tell All

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it is that time of year when many women around the world begin to hope that their spouse or significant other will make them feel special and loved. That they will not only remember that Valentine’s Day is coming :), but also plan ahead a little to make that day special! Those of you who have been married for awhile are also hoping that your spouse will notice all those things that we do to keep our family and kids running. That between driving the kids around, working, and trying to keep our family afloat that he will notice me, not the mom but the person he knew before kids.

Buying gifts for other people can be challenging. Some people are harder to buy for than others. Sometimes less can definitely be more and this is one thing that all people forget when buying gifts. A certain husband who shall rename anonymous used to make me wonderful gifts with his own two hands when we were dating. They were not expensive to make but were very precious to me. After we got married he changed his strategy and some gifts I have received from him may have been a little underwhelming. Ok, so they were really not great, mostly because instead of saying “ I love you” they said “you are an afterthought”. One example, would be the time when we were still newly married, he gave me not one but two gallon sized, barrel looking water bottles which he got from Walgreens. Why? His reason was that I loved to drink water and they were buy one get one free! Amazingly enough I never used those water bottles.
Another time he decided to buy me several clothing items. They were seriously clothes I would not wear, which didn’t really matter because they were the wrong size!
My husband works very hard and I know that he loves me. I really do not need expensive gifts, but it would be wonderful if he would take a little time and do something to let me know he remembers how wonderful I am.
Ladies I know I am not alone in this. Comment below and share some of the fabulous gifts you have gotten. If you have a pic to share even better. I wish I had a pic of those water bottles! Next Monday I will share some tips for all those guys out there who would like to make a good impression this Valentine’s Day. You could just share the article

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Cheers to you Tired Mom!

It’s the last day of school before Christmas break! I am running around like a crazy person with way too many thing to get done. I still need teacher gifts, I still need Christmas presents, I still need a lot more sleep! Yes, I am talking about myself and all of you other moms out there, just trying to make it through these last weeks before the kids are home full time and everyone expects more from you.

On the way to the last day of school my son turned to me in the car and said “I need a gift for teacher A, I texted him last week and he likes xyz.” Now this teacher has helped my son tremendously and because of that, me also. I owe him more than I could ever repay. I wish I could afford to get him a plane ticket to Tahiti but, two minutes before we pull up to school the only thing I have is crumbs from my kids snacks that are mixed with salt from the snowy ground.

Our Christmas tree is still not up. My husband will probably put it up today, the last day before Christmas break, and then feel like he has healed mankind. I will then carry up all the boxes, put up the lights and then rearrange the ornaments after my youngest puts them all on the very bottom branches. Some of the kids will want to help probably…

After the tree is finished I will finish all of the Christmas shopping, wrap the presents, and all other Christmas details. What I will not hear is thank you. People will not stand up and applaud when I finally manage to go through all of the summer clothes in my four kids drawers and sort into to piles of keep, donate, sell. They will not be impressed with how clean the house is (ok so its not clean but its hard to image how bad it would be if I stopped doing the cleaning I do now). There will be no news report about the mom who gave everything she had for her family this season.

Recently another mom told me that you should point out to people that you are responsible for the good things that are happening in your kids lives. “That A my daughter just made in her Chemistry class is totally because I am a good mom” is what I should be saying to everyone. “The free throw my son made at the game last week is all thanks to his mom:)” You get the idea.

So I am sending this message out to all you tired moms. You are totally Awesome! Your families are so lucky to have you! You should go hide in the bathtub and pretend that you are on vacation at a spa. If your children were successful do something good this holiday season make sure to proclaim loudly that it was all because of you! I hope that one day our children will see how blessed they are to have us.

Merry Christmas moms everywhere.

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Grand Opening

This is a New Beginning!

I have felt for a long time that I have lived two lives. The first was as a young adult finishing up college and moving into the real world. I was on my own with no other real responsibilities but myself. I took full advantage of that time, traveling around the world, exploring , and meeting interesting people. Riding camels in Egypt, one crazy Christmas Eve in Bethlehem singing Christmas Carols with Yassar Arafat (I know its hard to believe, but true), and many many more experiences that taught me the value of seizing the moment while it was there. I was also able to volunteer full time in a way that I never could now. I spent seven months full time working for a non-profit with kids from Africa. I loved those children, and still consider them my first children. These experiences helped me to be flexible, and to see my culture and others in a different light. This time in life was full of adventure and I couldn’t be more thankful for the time that I was allowed to just be me. My second life began the day I got married. Before I knew it I was spending all my days changing diapers, running after toddlers, and driving a mini van with the smell of rotten milk. The thing that they don’t tell you about having kids is that you will have to make a million decisions without knowing the outcome or how it will affect things in the future, everyone will have an opinion about how you run your family, and things will not become easier as they get older. Different stages, different problems.

The year that I got married I also completed my masters, started my first teaching job, and gave birth to my first child. Eventually after three kids I decided to stay home. I became the CEO of the very busy mommy kingdom. As the kids started school I became the room mom, Girl Scout leader, and Boxtop counter. These years driving in my car like a taxi driver, cheering at soccer, basketball, and softball games, and drying tears when life was not fair were another precious gift. Sometimes another mom would ask about what I used to do before my mom gig. This would remind me that the person who used to find her way around strange cities was the same person. She hadn’t gone away, she was just being flexible as her life took on growing other little people instead of herself. These years have been full of fun, drama, and homework. All of my kids are now in school all day. One is evening looking at colleges gasp.. Before I know it our house will no longer be filled with laughter, too loud radios, and yelling. The laundry will all be in the hamper, and I wont have to hide the ice cream. I decided this year I was going to figure out what the next life will look like. This is my plan for my new beginning.

I am a teacher by training. My husband has told me many times about an article that he read, it said most millionaires started out as teachers. I don’t plan on being a millionaire but have decided it is time to use some of my creativity to use. I have spent hours learning how to create our website for our shop. I think it is pretty good, I hope that you will check it out. Some moments have been victorious, like when I figured out how to make the shipping work on the checkout cart. Frustrating moments, like when the product page I had spent hours on suddenly vanished and I had lost everything. Yes, I can commiserate with my kid on that one. Moments when I thought this new gig is going to work, and moments when I worry all of this time will have been wasted. This is the joy and pain of starting a new life. So as I continue on this journey I hope many of you will join me. You are never too old to start doing that thing that you have always wanted to. I will root for you too! Join me as my mom and I work to learn so many new things. We hope you will learn along with us. Welcome come in look around and let us know if you like what you see.