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Valentine’s Day Wives Tell All

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it is that time of year when many women around the world begin to hope that their spouse or significant other will make them feel special and loved. That they will not only remember that Valentine’s Day is coming :), but also plan ahead a little to make that day special! Those of you who have been married for awhile are also hoping that your spouse will notice all those things that we do to keep our family and kids running. That between driving the kids around, working, and trying to keep our family afloat that he will notice me, not the mom but the person he knew before kids.

Buying gifts for other people can be challenging. Some people are harder to buy for than others. Sometimes less can definitely be more and this is one thing that all people forget when buying gifts. A certain husband who shall rename anonymous used to make me wonderful gifts with his own two hands when we were dating. They were not expensive to make but were very precious to me. After we got married he changed his strategy and some gifts I have received from him may have been a little underwhelming. Ok, so they were really not great, mostly because instead of saying “ I love you” they said “you are an afterthought”. One example, would be the time when we were still newly married, he gave me not one but two gallon sized, barrel looking water bottles which he got from Walgreens. Why? His reason was that I loved to drink water and they were buy one get one free! Amazingly enough I never used those water bottles.
Another time he decided to buy me several clothing items. They were seriously clothes I would not wear, which didn’t really matter because they were the wrong size!
My husband works very hard and I know that he loves me. I really do not need expensive gifts, but it would be wonderful if he would take a little time and do something to let me know he remembers how wonderful I am.
Ladies I know I am not alone in this. Comment below and share some of the fabulous gifts you have gotten. If you have a pic to share even better. I wish I had a pic of those water bottles! Next Monday I will share some tips for all those guys out there who would like to make a good impression this Valentine’s Day. You could just share the article

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