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Grand Opening

This is a New Beginning!

I have felt for a long time that I have lived two lives. The first was as a young adult finishing up college and moving into the real world. I was on my own with no other real responsibilities but myself. I took full advantage of that time, traveling around the world, exploring , and meeting interesting people. Riding camels in Egypt, one crazy Christmas Eve in Bethlehem singing Christmas Carols with Yassar Arafat (I know its hard to believe, but true), and many many more experiences that taught me the value of seizing the moment while it was there. I was also able to volunteer full time in a way that I never could now. I spent seven months full time working for a non-profit with kids from Africa. I loved those children, and still consider them my first children. These experiences helped me to be flexible, and to see my culture and others in a different light. This time in life was full of adventure and I couldn’t be more thankful for the time that I was allowed to just be me. My second life began the day I got married. Before I knew it I was spending all my days changing diapers, running after toddlers, and driving a mini van with the smell of rotten milk. The thing that they don’t tell you about having kids is that you will have to make a million decisions without knowing the outcome or how it will affect things in the future, everyone will have an opinion about how you run your family, and things will not become easier as they get older. Different stages, different problems.

The year that I got married I also completed my masters, started my first teaching job, and gave birth to my first child. Eventually after three kids I decided to stay home. I became the CEO of the very busy mommy kingdom. As the kids started school I became the room mom, Girl Scout leader, and Boxtop counter. These years driving in my car like a taxi driver, cheering at soccer, basketball, and softball games, and drying tears when life was not fair were another precious gift. Sometimes another mom would ask about what I used to do before my mom gig. This would remind me that the person who used to find her way around strange cities was the same person. She hadn’t gone away, she was just being flexible as her life took on growing other little people instead of herself. These years have been full of fun, drama, and homework. All of my kids are now in school all day. One is evening looking at colleges gasp.. Before I know it our house will no longer be filled with laughter, too loud radios, and yelling. The laundry will all be in the hamper, and I wont have to hide the ice cream. I decided this year I was going to figure out what the next life will look like. This is my plan for my new beginning.

I am a teacher by training. My husband has told me many times about an article that he read, it said most millionaires started out as teachers. I don’t plan on being a millionaire but have decided it is time to use some of my creativity to use. I have spent hours learning how to create our website for our shop. I think it is pretty good, I hope that you will check it out. Some moments have been victorious, like when I figured out how to make the shipping work on the checkout cart. Frustrating moments, like when the product page I had spent hours on suddenly vanished and I had lost everything. Yes, I can commiserate with my kid on that one. Moments when I thought this new gig is going to work, and moments when I worry all of this time will have been wasted. This is the joy and pain of starting a new life. So as I continue on this journey I hope many of you will join me. You are never too old to start doing that thing that you have always wanted to. I will root for you too! Join me as my mom and I work to learn so many new things. We hope you will learn along with us. Welcome come in look around and let us know if you like what you see.

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